Become a Bizzy Field Marketing Intern

Be a Bizzy Field Marketing Intern

 Are you someone that likes to work on projects you are passionate about?

Do you enjoy being surrounded with “go-getters” and having access to unlimited amounts of coffee? Are you a people person who enjoys engaging with the community?

If you’re nodding your head to these questions… then you may be a perfect fit to become a BIZZY Field Marketing Intern!


Bizzy Field Marketing Intern Application


Here is a little taste of what being a Field Marketing Intern for Bizzy entails:

  • Living the Bizzy Life
    • Sampling at Core Power Yoga and Pure Barre studios
    • Sampling at Co-ops and other retail stores
    • Participate in events with exclusive access to:
    • New exclusive events each month
  • Free Coffee and Gear
    • The more you contribute the more you get
    • Shirts, thermoses, and swag
  • Join the visionaries and go-getters of tomorrow
    • Bizzy is building an amazing team of people - come check us out!
  • Gain experience and relationships that will last a lifetime
    • Get valuable sales and interpersonal skills
    • Experience a startup culture and lifestyle
    • Build a relationship with the founders and mentors that created Bizzy
    • Build your personal network
    • Access to resources and future roles on the team
  • Press about Bizzy

To learn a little more about BIZZY, our Manifesto video here sums us up nicely. And check out the BizzyTV Youtube channel to know what we've been up to so far in our 3-month tour around the country aboard the #BizzyBus!

Join a team that makes a difference - Become a Bizzy Field Marketing Intern!

Here are some details to note:

  • Currently we are only accepting Minnesota participants
  • We’re looking for somebody who values health
    and wellness
  • Coffee enthusiasts encouraged!
  • We have openings today so don’t wait to apply!


Bizzy Field Marketing Intern Application

Questions? Email us at

Bizzy Field Marketing