Is Bizzy certified organic?
Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is USDA certified organic.

Is the BIB recyclable?
Yes, the BIB can be recycled

How long is the shelf life of the BIB?
It’s good for 60 days after it’s been made. An expiration date can be found on the box.

Do I need to keep my BIB in the fridge?
We recommend storing your BIB in the fridge to keep it tasting great as long as possible. The BIB is shelf stable but must be stored before 75 deg F.

The nozzle keeps dripping, what can I do?
There may be coffee residue causing the o-ring to lose its vacuum. Remove the nozzle and clean with warm soapy water. Use the soft bristle brush to clean the dispense valve area where the nozzles are seated. Apply the lubricant on the nozzles and put them back in.

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