Bizzy Cold Brew


What is cold brew coffee?
Is Bizzy certified organic?
Is Bizzy Cold Brew approved by the FDA?
Is Bizzy gluten-free?
Is Bizzy ok for those who are lactose intolerant?
Is Bizzy ok for those with peanut/nut allergies?
Is Bizzy vegan?
Do you have a decaf version?


How many brews can you get out of one bag?
How many cups of ground coffee are in one 16 oz bag?
What is the nutritional information on the ground coffee?
Once cold brew concentrate is made with the brew bags/ground coffee, how long is it safe to store in the fridge?
What process of decaffeination is used in your decaf ground coffee/brew bags?
Does the concentrate have to be diluted?
Is Bizzy Cold Brew coffee certified Kosher?
Are the coffee packaging recyclable?
What is the shelf life of Bizzy coarse ground coffee?
How do I set up a subscription on Bizzy Cold Brew coffee products?


I just bought a Bizzy Ready to Drink Cold Brew - how do I drink it?
How quickly should I drink a bottle of Bizzy Ready to Drink Cold Brew?
Are your Bizzy Ready-to-Drink bottles made from recycled plastic?
How long can I store unopened bottles of Bizzy RTD cold brew?
Is it safe to store unopened bottles at room temperature?
Where can I purchase Bizzy Ready-to-Drink cold brew coffee?
Are the Ready-to-Drink bottles BPA free?

Shipment & Deliveries

Do you ship outside of the United States?
What shipping methods are available?
Can I change my shipping address?
Where is my order?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you also sell in brick and mortar stores?
How can I reach you for any questions or concerns?
Can I get an invoice?