Affiliate Programs

Bizzy Coffee would like to offer you the opportunity to earn income through affiliate commissions - that is, by putting up affiliate links or widgets of Bizzy Coffee products in your websites. If you have your own website with substantial traffic or following, then becoming an affiliate is a good way for you to monetize that traffic.

This page shall be your go-to resource for affiliate programs that Bizzy Coffee will or will have set up so that you can see and pick which programs you can implement in your site.

Should you have any questions, email us at 

Amazon Associates

Become an Amazon Associate and earn from commissions through affiliate links in your site for Bizzy Coffee products!

First step, open an Amazon Associates account.
1. Go to to create an account.

If you already have an existing account, you will need to simply login with the same details to activate your Amazon Associates account.

Amazon Associates Program

2. Follow the steps within Amazon Associates in creating your account. Note your account will first have to be approved by Amazon, depending on several factors, including that your website does in fact have traffic and comply with Amazon policies.

  • Account Information
    • Provide name and address to whom payments will be issued to once you account is earning
  • Website and Mobile Apps
    • You will be asked to list all the top level domains and/or mobile apps on which you plan to display banners, widgets, Special Links, or other ads from Amazon Associates. You need to add at least one website or mobile app. You can add up to 50 websites or mobile apps.
    • Websites or mobile apps directed primarily at children under 13 are not eligible for use under the Amazon Associates Program.
  • Profile
    • You will be asked to enter your preferred Associates Store ID. This will be like a username associated to your account. 

Succeeding questions you need to answer will be about your website, what it is about, what types of products you intend to list on your website (choose Home & Kitchen or Grocery/Gourmet), how you drive traffic to your site, and others.

After which you will be asked to verify identity and then you're all set.

3. Once your account is approved, you can proceed to creating a search for Bizzy Coffee products within Amazon Associates. 

Amazon Associates Program - Search Box

To find Bizzy Coffee products, enter "bizzy coffee" in the search bar, or enter the following ASINs:

  • Bizzy Coffee Single bottle: B01C9BKRPU 
  • Bizzy Coffee 12-pack: B01EXGT47G

The results will show the Bizzy Coffee products, with the 'Get Link' buttons beside it. Clicking on these buttons will show Amazon affiliate links/codes that you will need to embed to your website so that when traffic comes to your site and they click on these links and make a purchase on Amazon, the purchase will be credited to you and you earn a commission according to Amazon’s table of fees.

Note that the Amazon affiliate links/codes to be embedded on your website could be plain text, an image, or a combination of text and image.

Amazon Associates Program - Affiliate Links

Embed the codes/links to your respective websites, and then work toward increasing traffic to your site, tailoring content of your site to make it suitable to the product you are advertising which, in this case, is coffee. You are free to embed other types of products on your sites, but don't forget to embed Bizzy Coffee! 

Advertising Fees and Operating Agreement

Bizzy Coffee is merely facilitating your membership or use of the Amazon Associates Program - any transactions, questions or issues you might encounter with the program, you will need to raise to Amazon directly. For reference, here is a link to the Operating Agreement that you will have with Amazon.

For more information on the tools available to you under the Amazon Associates Program, click here.


ShareASale is another affiliate program that we are looking to implement for Bizzy Coffee. We are still working out with ShareASale our affiliate links so please come back soon for updates.


Are you interested in selling Bizzy Coffee products directly through your site via dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a way to sell Bizzy Coffee products to your website or social media following without actually handling product fulfillment. All you do is promote the product through your site or social channels, take orders and payments, place order to Bizzy Coffee, pay Bizzy Coffee (less your commission), provide Bizzy Coffee with the shipping address of the customer, then Bizzy Coffee will handle shipping the product to the customer. Rinse and repeat. 

We are still working out the details of this, but if you are interested, we want to get a feel of the interest in this, so let us know by emailing us at