Bizzy Coffee

BIZZY COFFEE was developed with 3 imperative objectives in mind: to create the healthiest, most convenient, and best tasting blend of cold brew coffee on the market. Period. To ensure it was the healthiest, we used only the highest grade of purified water conjoined with the finest organic beans obtainable. Convenience came with the resealable plastic bottles shipped directly to your door, on a subscription. The toughest challenge was making BIZZY the tastiest blend available. Determined, we decided to take an analytical approach to that hurdle. We hired a professional consumer researcher to host a "Consumer Learning Test" where we gathered a group of self-proclaimed "cold brew coffee addicts" and had them blind taste every product on the market. We documented the Pros/Cons of each brand. The end goal of this session was to figure out which attributes of cold brew coffee were the most appealing to as many people as possible. The results were surprising; there was very little difference in taste preference.

Cold Brew Taste Test

Once we knew the specific flavor qualities desired by the majority of our target market, we set out on a mission to provide them with the perfect flavor profile. The next year was spent on fine-tuning the formula; digging into the minute differences between roasts levels, origins and blends to create the ideal cold-brew coffee. Tons of tests and hundreds of hyper-caffeinated co-workers later, we narrowed our options down to 3 origins and 3 roasts levels. The final and most important step was to figure out what our ultimate ratio was going to be.

 Like always, we turned to our trusted target market and held our concluding "Consumer Learning Test". The Crowning Moment took place after a participant exclaimed "How much of this blend do you have? I want it all!!". In that defining juncture the BIZZY blend was born and a new standard of cold brew coffee was established.