Brew Master

Job Description


The Primary Objective of this job is to ensure that Bizzy Cold Brew is the best tasting and highest quality product in the market. A passion for coffee and flavor is a must!

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Responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Execute and plan all aspects of brewing related production
  • Manage brewing team, schedules, and support hiring as needed
  • Execute the company training program for brewing related roles
  • Ensure day to day quality and sanitation processes are followed
  • Optimize current production process, identify gating items, and determine solutions to lower cost and increase capacity
  • Stay current with manufacturing technologies, ingredient trends, and beverage industry trends

General Information:
The Brew Master is responsible for executing and improving all brewing related activities and ensuring we maintain the highest quality product possible. You will be responsible for improving efficiency, quality, and profitability through implementation of effective methods, strategies and processes.

Duties in detail:

  • Ensure all products are manufactured in a correct, cost effective, and timely manner in alignment with specifications and quality requirements
  • Execute and plan the day to day operations for all brewing related items
  • Work with purchasing to plan material orders and forecasts
  • Optimize current production process to increase productivity
  • Manage current brewing team and support growth as needed within the team
  • Train brewing team members and ensure best practices are followed
  • Support all third-party audits and inspections both planned and unplanned
  • Contribute towards the achievement of the companyโ€™s strategic goals
  • Monitor quality controls and track all KPIโ€™s relating to brewing operations


  • 1-5 years experience in brewery, winery, or beverage production
  • Ability to use excel, word, and office products


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