The #BizzyBus Tour Updates

Episode 6: Wrapping up the East Coast tour before heading West

Episode 5: Rolling into D.C., Philly and N.Y.

Episode 4: The #BizzyBus visits Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina

Episode 3: The #BizzyBus Tour goes to Atlanta and Florida

Episode 2: Zipping through Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina

Episode 1: The Exciting First Look at the #BizzyBus Tour

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About: The #BizzyBus Tour

The #BizzyBus tour is rollin'!

This summer we will be on a 3-month long road trip, visiting several cities all across the United States. We are hitting up fitness classes, stores, festivals, national parks, and any other event or spot that piques our interest. Most importantly - we are going to be giving away our new Bizzy Coffee Shots as we hit milestone after milestone!

Bookmark this page as we will keep posting updates of events and our trip progress here. 

Bizzy Meet-ups!

Want us to stop by your city on our road trip? Just post a picture of yourself and tag us @bizzycoffee and use hashtag #BizzyBus - it’s that easy. If you need to get your Bizzy Coffee Shots you can buy them on Amazon.

Our Itinerary

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