5 Ways to Get Away from Your Screens at Work

5 Ways to Get Away from Your Screens at Work

Modern technology is undoubtedly integrated into our work and personal lives in a profound way. Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck staring at a screen all day long, and this can cause a host of problems, both physically and mentally. Sometimes, we all need a break from our screens, especially at work, so we have compiled these simple tips and tricks for escaping the clutches of your screens at work!

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  1. Hold Face to Face Meetings – Interpersonal interaction is a great way to get away from your computer. Rather than sending out mass emails or corresponding with coworkers online, host more face to face meetings, no matter how brief. This will help you get up from your desk, away from your screen, and can even improve and strengthen your relationships with your coworkers.Meetings
  2. Keep a Physical Calendar/Planner – Keeping all your planning on your computer or mobile device can be extremely useful but consider switching to a good old-fashioned paper calendar or planner. Not only does physically writing things down help you remember what you have to do, it will take you away from your screens for a little extra time.Calendar
  3. Take Breaks – The work day can feel long and grueling, especially if you’re staring at a device all day, so taking a few short breaks is a great way to break up your day. On top of being able to get away from your screens for a few minutes, taking breaks can help improve your focus and productivity. And we’ve got credible sources to prove it, so send those to your boss when he/she asks why you aren’t at your desk!
  4. Go Out for Lunch – Speaking of breaks, get out of the office altogether at lunch time and walk to a local restaurant, deli or coffee shop for lunch. Doesn’t matter where you go or what you eat, the important thing is to get up, get moving, and don’t bring your work with you! This is also a great way to spend time with your coworkers and bond outside of the office!Lunch
  5. Don’t Bring Your Screens Home With You – Avoid bringing your work laptop, cellphone, or any other devices home with you. Of course you will have to from time to time, but trying to limit your use of these devices outside of work will help you take a mental break from work and will physically keep you from getting sucked back into those screens!


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